Woking Beer Festival Staffing Office

25th Woking Beer Festival logo

This is the web site of the staffing office for the Woking Beer Festival. If you want general information on the Woking Beer Festival, please visit Woking Beer Festival by CAMRA.

We've moved!

Thank you very much to James and Rachel for being our hosts for so long. At times we must have fealt like house guests who have over stayed their welcome.

Now we have a shiny new address. Please book mark https://staffing.wokingbeerfestival.co.uk.

The 26th festival is still in the early planning stage, but it will take place on our usual weekend which this year is Friday 8th and Saturday 9th November, 2019. The staff form will be online, here, in early August, just before GBBF opens, so please come back then and sign up.

If you have any questions or want to update us with a change of address or other information please drop us an email at wbfstaffing@yahoo.com.